UNITY 2022

FACE OF THE BAND MODELS– Jameeka (Face of the band)

Theme for this band is UNITY. We have chosen to creatively display this through nature’s elements EARTH, AIR, FIRE, & WATER. These costumes’ natural elements support each other in balance to come together to represent UNITY. During the show, we have our

FACES OF THE BAND representing these elements….1st ELEMENT is…FIRE!

Jameeka is wearing DAZZLING INFERNO- this shows the fire hypnotically enticing its viewers. It is essential as its dazzling, bright flame is the driving force of the elements.

Shania ( Face of the Band)

Our 2nd ELEMENT is AIR! Shania is wearing IVORY ILLUSION- as the air element this enticing costumes roll in unity is the flexibility to be able to adjust & overcome obstacles

Purple thunder

Following Shania we have kamoya modelling purple thunder. This mystical costume represents the water element. Water comes in all forms and it has been chosen to maintain fluidity while also remaining neutral and resilient.

Golden sapphire(Earth)
Finally we have Renee modelling Golden Sapphire. Her intense yet glittering costume represents the earth element. The role her costume plays is to remain grounded and establish stability to unite the faces.