2022 Toronto Carnival Costumes theme UNITY



 Social & Sustainable ARTS Entrepreneur’ initiative.

Fashion is a lucrative, highly competitive, and really global industry that is constantly expanding. Following the pandemic crisis, which resulted in an upsurge in unemployment, Toronto is in desperate need of new jobs. Encouragement of entrepreneurship has the potential to significantly increase Toronto’s growth. Costume Creators Cultural Art was formed with a simple mission: to provide high-quality, low-cost customs and clothing while also supporting and establishing employment in Canada that pay garment workers a fair income, provide training, and allow them to become financially independent. Local materials are also used, which benefits the entire community.


‘Costume Creator – Social & Sustainable Arts Entrepreneur’ initiative main goal is to train aspiring and established fashion entrepreneurs how to gain a new competitive advantage that will help them succeed in the ethical fashion business.


With the focus of developing, organizing, and evaluating an experimental pedagogical strategy for the training and incubation of future fashion entrepreneurs, we began this project. We hope to be of assistance to local designers, the structurally unemployed young, those who seeking for business opportunities in the fashion industry as well as current fashion businesses in their early stages.

C.C.C. A. intends to stimulate the practices, skills, and networks needed to succeed by introducing case-based learning, skills training, action learning, and e-learning approaches, as well as off-line mentoring create financially stable fashion and creative industries businesses that are committed to social sustainability.