De Road

When purchasing your Costume, you get…

Your Costume–obviously.
 Wrist band. give you access to exclusive areas and into the parade
  Beverages. Drinks all day long, including WATER/COCONUT WATER/POWERADE, CAUSE ITS NECESSARY.
 Snacks. Throughout the day snacks will e given out to keep you going

A Goody-Bag. This isn’t a regular goody-bag. It’s a professionally packaged
tote with a beach towel, that includes all of the necessities you’ll need to make
it through your Carnival, such as, a plastic bottle to refill your drinks, instant
coffee, ibuprofen, shampoo, Epson salt for soaking your feet, Kotex pads, and
a brochure that tells you the rules and where you can find the medic and
lunch station, etc. etc.

Before and after parties

We offer masqueraders a first-class carnival experience with brilliant, quality and excellent services both on and off the road such as:

  • World Class Dj’s
    • The Band/DJ. Bands are an organization of DJs who have meshed together their favorite Soca songs and have set up their equipment and speakers to a truck that will blast music while you dance in the streets.
  • Electronic Membership form
  • Excellent Costume Quality
  • Great Service
  • State-of-the-art Costume Design
  • Security Services
    • Security/Marshall. Security is necessary and they are really well-trained to be efficient and to help you out during any time of need  Medical. First aid and ambulance service.
  • Build sustainable relationships and trust with customer accounts through open and interactive communication 

We anticipate that our abundance of experience, and extraordinary costume offering, will make us be the first choice for over 1.3 million of revelers