About Us


Whitfield Belasco and Brother Calvin Belasco create Concept Costume Creators in 1958 with the creation of EBONITES Steel band of Morvant Trinidad. The theme was “Cree’s of Canada”, over the years Concept Costume Creators became known as “the Family band until today it is still known as “the family band” under the new name Costume Creator Cultural Arts with the Leadership of Wayne Sewell & his Team

Mission Statement

Costume Creators Cultural Art Mission provide the services necessary for youth to empower themselves and their families, to take an active role in the decision-making process within their immediate communities as well as across the city, and to promote the pursuit of education of the carnival cultural.  This is all in an effort to equip youth with the information and supports they need to make healthy lifestyles The youth we serve primarily reside in Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) communities.  Many of these families endure economic hardships that don’t allow them to partake in activities that are essential in creating healthy communities.  These areas, and subsequently the residents, are often marginalized in the broader social environment, and often face barriers like poverty, violence, social exclusion, and issues around access


Creating Carnival through Arts and Culture– aims to provide opportunities for marginalized youth leaders across the world local and internationally to take action on building healthy communities, and assisting with community based solutions that contribute to sustainable living locally and globally by, where ten youth will be able to learned about the Trinidadian psyche understand the festival culture and Arts, of the island by working with some of famous designer of the carnival culture to create costumes and exploring the true meaning of Carnival

Our goal is to change young people’s perception that the world begins and ends in their local community.  We would like youth to take an in-depth look at their community, examine its strengths and weaknesses, and take action to address the needs they identify.  Further, on a larger scale, we would like youth to expand this strategy on a global level, to understand how we are all connected, and to apply their knowledge and power to make positive change through Arts and Carnival Culture globally.  The goals developed from carnival arts and culture will be the foundation on which the youth will build their strategy for acting locally and globally

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